Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1028 Years

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1028 Years
Coat of Arms Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Markets of Luxembourg

Luxembourg City Downtown Square
Overlooking the Square Celebrating Christmas

Luxembourg City market night view

Downtown On the Square
Downtown square in Luxembourg eating christmas yummies... brats, crepes, belgium waffles, potatoe pancakes, and of course hot spiced wine

A Luxembourg Christmas
One of many booths in Luxembourg serving all kinds of sausages,
hamburgers, wieners, brats, and tons of local goodies

Two hour lunches are standard in Luxembourg. This again is the downtown square at Christmas time where people socialize, and enjoy the special goodies of the season

More of the Christmas market downtown

Elegant Luxembourg Dining

Luxembourg City lights at Christmas time

The Christmas look all around Luxembourg

Entering Luxembourg City from the East

More of Luxembourg at Night

Holy Family Manger Downtown Square

Luxembourg Chefs grilling made to order yum yum goodies

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Luxembourg National Day of Celebration June 23

Happy Birthday Luxembourg
963 - 2006

*Welcome To Luxembourg
Luxembourg National Day of Celebration also the Grand Duke's birthday - June 23. Founded in 963, Luxembourg became a grand duchy in 1815. It lost more than half of its territory to Belgium in 1839, but gained a larger measure of autonomy.

(Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Luxembourg - American Cultural Post

(Battle of the Bulge General Patton Memorial)
Great News, Videos, and Reports from the Luxembourg American Cultural Society ...
*Luxembourg American Cultural Society
(see the video at bottom of page)
*Luxembourg-American Video
One of the main reasons Americans visit Luxembourg (and/or live there) is because
Read more ...
*Luxembourg American History
*Beyond Borders
*New Expat American Meetups
*4 Meetups near Luxembourg
*Luxembourgers Rogers Park Exhibit

The earliest settlers of the region were the Native Americans. Irishman Philip Rogers came when white settlement opened in the 1830s. Among those who followed were English, Swedish, Italian, German and Luxembourgers. Rogers Park was incorporated as a village in 1878 and West Ridge in 1890. Both were annexed to Chicago in April 1893.

Luxembourg's Best Kept Secret

Bofferding Beer Luxembourg's
Best Kept Secret

*Bofferding Tour
(real beer not yellow water)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Luxembourg News Wires (English)

London - Luxembourg yesterday unveiled a draft takeover law that would help Arcelor, the country's biggest private employer, fend off a hostile $23.7 billion bid by Mittal Steel.
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*Luxembourg law protects Arcelor
(Bloomberg) -- Arcelor Chief Executive Officer Guy Dolle has the backing of Europe's political elite against Mittal Steel Co.'s hostile $28.2 billion takeover bid for French- Luxembourg steelmaker Arcelor SA.

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*Europe Leaders Scorn for Mittal Unshared by Investors (Correct)
India and the European Union criticised French politicians for trying to prevent prominent Indian origin industrialist Lakshmi Mittal from taking over France-based European consortium Arcelor in a £13 billion deal.

Read more ...
*India, EU back Mittal's bid on Arcelor

Jean - Claude Juncker
Prime Minister
of Luxembourg

Constantly updated news for Luxembourg ...
*Luxembourg News Service for global professionals
*central on-line information service in English for Luxembourg
*Inside Europe - Luxembourg

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Many Sides of Luxembourg

Luxembourg has great Cabarets, Strip Bars,
Discos, and Casinos. Here are some sites ...
*Pulp Club
*Salsa Spirit

*Cabaret Splendid
(Site Has Free Videos)
*Cabaret Spectacle

At night, Gare becomes the seedy side of Luxembourg. The bustle turns to hustle, as both locals and tourists converge to sample food, fun and pleasures of the flesh.

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*The many sides of Luxembourg

In response to growing numbers of sex workers, restrictions were placed on the issue of permits for cabaret workers. The European Parliament reported in 2000 that reform of the penal code was under consideration with a view to reinforcing the available means of action against prostitution networks and rings trafficking in women for purposes of prostitution.

Residence permits are granted to cabaret artists and are often used as a route of entry for sex workers. Traffickers use this guise to import foreign women to the EU via Luxembourg.

The main legal form of recruiting foreign women is the residence permit granted under an artist's contract … 1073 artists' have been identified in the country's 21 cabarets' - 60% from eastern European countries.