Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1028 Years

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1028 Years
Coat of Arms Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Video Tour of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg Gibraltar of the North

Luxembourg May 2007

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg - A Visual Tour

Timelapse Luxembourg By Night

Skateboarding In Luxembourg

Northern Luxembourg Camp Fire Spring

American Roadrunners In Luxembourg 2007

Ferrari 60 Relay in Luxembourg

In and Around Luxembourg

Luxembourg City Town

Christmas Parade Luxembourg

Sport Touring Luxembourg

Welcome To Luxembourg

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Welcome To Discovering Luxembourg

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Luxembourg In the Heart of Europe

American Universities In Luxembourg

Miami University
Is an American Campus in the heart of Europe since 1968. The campus is in a very beautiful, charming and romantic medieval castle and is surrounded by a lovely, spacious and tranquil park. Located in the center of Luxembourg’s third largest city, our students experience a truly European setting in which they are encouraged to pursue serious studies and where they feel comfortable and secure and enjoy all modern conveniences.

A challenging, relevant and European-focused curriculum taught by distinguished European and American faculty, offers an exciting learning experience and gives our program its excellent academic reputation.

Our host family program provides our students with the unique opportunity to observe European family life and become part of it. Life-long friendships between host families and students are testimony to its success.

Center-sponsored and independent weekend travels enable our students to explore Europe, to reinforce formal classroom learning and to observe, experience, and feel comfortable in Europe’s various cultural settings.

In fact, the combination of an exciting and rigorous curriculum, host family life and travel turns Luxembourg and Europe into our students’ classroom and laboratory.

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Sacred Heart University
This American University in Luxembourg recognizes that today’s marketplace is definitely global, drastically increasing the need for people in every professional environment to be both culturally adept and knowledgeable about international business practices.

Luxembourg offers a world of diversity. With close to 40% of its population originating from other countries, it boasts the highest percentage of foreign residents among all members of the European Union. Students have the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures by working closely with their colleagues of various origins and professional backgrounds, in Luxembourg and in the USA.

For example, the intensive two-week seminars Comparative Management and Intercultural Communication, and Contemporary Issues in Global Management, are specifically designed to allow US or Luxembourg-based students to cross the Atlantic and experience a different global setting first-hand. MBA and Certificate students may also tailor their program to divide their time as they wish between the Luxembourg and USA campuses.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Luxembourg Automotive Heart of Europe

American Delphi Corp

The Bank of New York opened its doors in Luxembourg City. On that day it became part of one of the leading financial centers. The tiny Duchy in the center of Europe is host to over 215 banks from all over the world. Although the number itself is impressive, the quality of these institutions tells the real story: most are affiliates of top-ranked international banks.

Banking and finance aren't the only strong sectors. Automotive components play a big role in the country. Goodyear Technical Center is also in Luxembourg and Delphi Automotive Systems of Troy, Mich., has been in Luxembourg for 15 years. Recently Delphi announced another $13.2 million investment in its technical center in Bascharage, 10 miles southwest of Luxembourg City.

The investment is supported by the Luxembourg government, which particularly encourages new investments in research and development projects.

Delphi's choice of Luxembourg for their new operations is motivated by the country's central location in Europe, its growing educational and research environment, its multilingual tradition and the presence of highly educated professionals.

For three decades, Luxembourg has been a leading center for research and manufacturing with glass, steel, metal, rubber and plastic products being shipped from Luxembourg to the EU and United States.

Lower taxes make Luxembourg attractive to suppliers. At 30 percent, taxes are lower than any other EU member except Finland, which has a maximum 28 percent tax rate.

With over 16 million new car registrations each year, Europe remains the largest automotive market worldwide. In 2004, more than 20 million light vehicles have been sold alone in Europe compared to 58 million worldwide for the same period of time. By 2010, the European demand for light vehicles is expected to exceed 22 million cars, which makes the automotive industry a highly dynamic sector of the European economy.

Luxembourg Automotive
Heart of Europe
Luxembourg is centrally located in the automotive heart of Europe. At the crossroads between Germany, France and Belgium, it offers “just-in-time” access to the major European car manufacturers and assembly plants. It is an ideal location for component suppliers with a multi-customer base to deliver their products easily and directly.

State-of-the-art infrastructure, and direct air cargo connections to cities on the five continents make Luxembourg an ideal gateway to the European market, be it in investment, research and development or trade.

The economic development and diversification policy implemented by the Government encourages investment and research and fosters Luxembourg’s position in the automotive components industry.

Luxembourg has become a key location for first and second tier suppliers to the automotive industry. They employ nearly 8,000 people on 30 sites. Key component suppliers have chosen Luxembourg for its highly competitive business environment. Luxembourg provides a most stable and predictable economic, social and political climate.

All car manufacturers in Germany, France and the United Kingdom as well as the assembly lines in Belgium and the Netherlands can be supplied from Luxembourg on a same day delivery basis.
Over thirty companies are directly or indirectly involved in the automotive component industry. Accumalux, Delphi, Dometic, ELTH, Fanuc Robotics, Faurecia, Goodyear, International Electronics and Engineering (IEE), Raval Europe Tarkett Sommer Luxembourg and Textilcord, to name but a few, have chosen Luxembourg as a manufacturing or R&D base.

Companies such as CTI Systems, GE Fanuc, Hitec and Reichert are specialized in design and building of special machines, automated handling/storage systems as well as electronic measuring and automation technology.

These companies deliver their products to over 20 car manufacturing plants within a range of 300 km and to over 50 plants within a range of 600 km.

Thanks to the central location and the outstanding technologies, all car manufacturers based in Europe, be they BMW, Daimler-Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, PSA, Renault-Nissan, Toyota or VW use to their highest satisfaction products “Made in Luxembourg”. Automotive components are also exported to assemblers in the USA and in Asia.

Delphi Corp Links
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Delphi is a leading global supplier of mobile electronics and transportation systems, including powertrain, safety, steering, thermal, and controls & security systems, electrical/electronic architecture, and in-car entertainment technologies. Engineered to meet and exceed the rigorous standards of the automotive industry, Delphi technology is also found in computing, communications, consumer electronics, energy and medical applications. Headquartered in Troy, Mich.,

Come to Delphi and you will immediately become a member of a cross-functional, globally integrated team empowered to achieve best-of-class results. Our goal is to recruit, hire and develop the skills of the world's most innovative and talented professionals.

For over 100 years, we have changed how people control and interact with their cars. Today, we are using our rich heritage to advance our growth as a global provider of breakthrough technology solutions. We are bringing Delphi innovation to more automotive and non-automotive systems than ever before.

Over the next three years, Delphi plans to bring more than 350 new products and/or processes to market.