Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1028 Years

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1028 Years
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Friday, August 22, 2008

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Luxembourg -
2000 Year Wine Tradition

Seeing the Luxembourg Moselle vineyards for the first time can only be described as a shock.

There is a 2000-year-old tradition of wine making here, and immaculate and beautiful vineyards climb breathtaking slopes from the flower-filled villages that dot the wine route.

How come then, that the wines of Luxembourg are such a secret? The answer is that Luxembourg has - so far at least - felt no pressure to export. Almost half a million people live here, and happily consume the bulk of production.

And yet many wine makers that I spoke to are painfully aware of the suppressing effect this has on their industry: outside national boundaries, the wines of Luxembourg have no reputation.

So the locals - who can drive to France or Germany in half an hour - will not pay French or German prices. The result? A bottle of finely-crafted Riesling can be picked up for three or four Euros.

The Moselle Valley's wine festivals begin in August and run through November's 'New Wine' celebration in Wormeldange, Luxembourg.

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Luxembourg Wine Tradition

Luxembourg Wine Secrets

Some producers are pushing the envelope in terms of quality. In particular, they are ignoring the high yield limits set by the authorities, and taking an altogether more serious approach.

Legally, growers can harvest up to 140 hectolitres per hectare of grapes like Elbling and Rivaner, and up to 120hl/ha of Riesling, Pinot Gris and the other noble varieties. But the most serious growers are halving these levels, bringing in more concentrated juice from 60hl/ha or so.

There are only around 50 producers in Luxembourg, and all twelve producers that I visited offered wines with pristine clarity of fruit, excellent varietal character (blends are not allowed for still wines) and delightful balance. With their low prices these wines will find many fans.

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