Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1028 Years

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1028 Years
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas and Dining In Luxembourg

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First Some Videos To Set the Mood

- Luxembourg Christmas Market - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg - A Visual Tour -

- Luxembourg at Night Part 1 - Luxembourg at Night Part 2 -

Christmas Parades Luxembourg (2nd video please bear with the 24 second lead in English & Luxembourgish Language versions) -

Luxembourg City Downtown
Overlooking the Square Celebrating Christmas
Downtown Square Christmas BoothsOne of many Christmas booths (Sweets & Gingerbreads)
Christmas Mass In the Cathedral

Luxembourg City market night view

Downtown On the Square
Downtown square in Luxembourg eating christmas yummies... brats, crepes, belgium waffles, potatoe pancakes, and of course hot spiced wine

A Luxembourg Christmas
One of many booths in Luxembourg serving all kinds of sausages,
hamburgers, wieners, brats, and tons of local goodies

Two hour lunches are standard in Luxembourg. This again is the downtown square at Christmas time where people socialize, and enjoy the special goodies of the season

More of the Christmas market downtown

Elegant Luxembourg Dining

Luxembourg City lights at Christmas time

The Christmas look all around Luxembourg

Entering Luxembourg City from the East

More of Luxembourg at Night

Holy Family Manger Downtown Square

Luxembourg Chefs grilling made to order yum yum goodies