Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1028 Years

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1028 Years
Coat of Arms Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Luxembourg - American Cultural Post

(Battle of the Bulge General Patton Memorial)
Great News, Videos, and Reports from the Luxembourg American Cultural Society ...
*Luxembourg American Cultural Society
(see the video at bottom of page)
*Luxembourg-American Video
One of the main reasons Americans visit Luxembourg (and/or live there) is because
Read more ...
*Luxembourg American History
*Beyond Borders
*New Expat American Meetups
*4 Meetups near Luxembourg
*Luxembourgers Rogers Park Exhibit

The earliest settlers of the region were the Native Americans. Irishman Philip Rogers came when white settlement opened in the 1830s. Among those who followed were English, Swedish, Italian, German and Luxembourgers. Rogers Park was incorporated as a village in 1878 and West Ridge in 1890. Both were annexed to Chicago in April 1893.

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